Women’s Day Tribute

By: Latty(Imperfetto_Tesoro)

Women’s Day, what does it truly means to you?

The most common word that is used in describing women most of the time, petty. And if we’re truly being honest with ourselves, we are!

Come on, we’re all petty in someway or another. I sure am, because I’m human and I do have feelings that hurts sometime.

But let’s get serious for a moment here. How many of us has ever cheered our friends on with their endeavors? Come on raise those hands and wave, I’ll wait.

Believe it or not we are stronger together but we’re yet to discover that.

I know, I know, like how dare I say that?

But….I ask, how dare you deny it?

Too often we let envy overcome us and while competition is good, when it becomes toxic it’s a whole new game and we more than have the power to change it.

Why can’t a woman’s success be another’s inspiration? We all wanna evolve right? If you succeed I can surely use your success story with my experience in developing my own sets of skills and ambition. Surely it’s not required I follow your steps to the T but I can certainly use a few of your moves in looking at things differently and who to say someone after me does the very same thing in their own way if not better.

Nonetheless, I believe in building and motivating each other. We are all queens, if you see a fellow queen stumbling, lend a hand in grabbing not only her arm, but help her to fix her crown that’s tilt over because though it maybe lean, it’s not broken.

Happy Women’s Day my fellow Queens, lets aim to build and cheer on each other.

Illustration provided by: Pinterest and Bitmoji.

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